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Home Products Non-Stick (Tefal)
Non-Stick (Tefal)


Tefal, the non-stick cookware inventor, is a world leader not only in cookware but also in small domestic equipment: steamers, toasters, deep fryers, steam irons, pressure cookers,... For Tefal, home is a source of accomplishment and shared happiness.

Zahran Group has been the sole agent and licensed manufacturer of Tefal in Egypt since 1973.
All Tefal non-stick cookware products are Coated in France




The red spot that gives you the green light to start cooking

Did you know that preheating your pan is the key to perfect cooking? Much like pre-heating your oven when baking, preheating prepares the pan to produce ideal cooking results.

  Built right into the non-stick coating of the pan, Tefal's unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator tells you when your pan has reached the optimum temperature to seal in the flavor of your food.
  Before heating, the Thermo-Spot pattern is clearly visible. As the pan heats up, the pattern begins to change. Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the Thermo-Spot pattern turns solid red.

Thermo-Spot is available on all Tefal Frypans


Not ready for cooking


Ready for cooking

TEFAL is a registered trademark of TEFAL SAS 74150 RUMILLY/France